Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Open PCC and Growth Action Plan June 9th

...I will build my church
Please come along and join us for our Open PCC Celebration and Review Meeting for the Growth Action Plan 7:30pm at Piddington Church.

Butonge fundraising

The Living Brooke Youth Fellowship held a karaoke night in aid of Butonge primary school. LBYF planned the evening, and they helped run the event by either selling tickets on the door, or helping out in the kitchen, or singing and dancing with children they had invited. We focused our attention on two of the primary schools in our benefice, we invited the children to come down have a sing and a dance to help us raise money for Butonge.  This event was really successful and we raised over £130 for Butonge. LBYF are so thankful of all those who attended the karaoke night and those who helped to organise it and provide the location, food, and entertainment especially we’d like to thank Julie Austin, Steve and Gill Watson, for the preparations of the event, Emma Dil for helping with promoting the event through forum, and of course Reverend Beverley for her support in all things to do with the event.
Brent Klegeris
Benefice Youth Leader   

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

St Edmund's Organ Fundraiser

Please come along and support us, money raised will go towards repairing the organ. You can now access on this site a booklet about the history of this organ written by David Cole, a former organist at St Edmund's.
Click on the history of our churches tab and scroll down past St. John the Baptist, Piddington with Horton and the history of St Edmund's church and underneath you will find a link to the booklet written by David Cole, which is a fascinating account with copies of the original correspondence between the manufacturers and the then Incumbent Rev Hughes.