Bible Readings

Bible Readings 
April 23rd 
Acts 2.14a, 22-32; 
John 20.19-end

April 30th
Acts 2.14a,36-41
Luke 24.13-35

May 7th
Genesis 7
Acts 2.42-end
John 10.1-10

May 14th
Genesis 8.1-19 
Acts 7.55-end 
John 14.1-14  

May 21st
Genesis 8.20-9.17
Acts 17.22-31
John 14.15-21

May 28th 
Ezekiel 36.24-28
Acts 6.1-14 (read from a Bible, not the lectionary)
John 17.1-11

June 4th
Acts 2.1-21
John 20.19-23

June 11th 
Isaiah 40.12-17, 27-end
2 Cor 13.11-end
Matt 28.16-end

June 18th
Exodus 19.2-8a
Romans 5.1-8
Matt 9.35-10.8

June 25th
Isaiah 40.1-11, 
Gal 3.23-end, 
Luke 1.57-66,80

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