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Piddington with Horton support Makeni Ecumenical Centre
Piddington with Horton have supported Makeni for many years through the money people donate for coffee after church services. This year the Living Brook Youth Fellowship have also been set a challenge by Reverend Beverley to raise money to help build a new hostel. So far they have raised over half, which is absolutely amazing, but they have a target of £7,000 - can you help them reach this ambitious target? Help them by sponsoring them for events during the next few months.
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Quinton with Preston Deanery
Quinton with Preston Deanery have been supporting Butonge Primary School in the Bungoma area of Kenya which is twinned with the Peterborough Diocese. In a short space of time they have already raised money that has had a positive impact on the lives of the schoolchildren by helping to finance bringing electricity into the school.

Butonge Primary School, Bungoma
For the last couple of years we have been fundraising to support projects at Butonge Primary School. Our first project, completed in 2014, was to bring electricity to the school, thus enable teaching to continue into the evenings and also to enable the use of computers, etc.
Our second project was to bring in on-site water to enable the latrine facilities to be up graded – at the time there was a ‘two-hole’ latrine for 8 adults and 800 children. Last year colleagues from our Diocese went to Bungoma and have given us their report:-
"Wednesday 18th November. The main purpose of the day was to visit Butonge
Primary School and clinic and then to have a meal at Livingstone Chenge’s home.
The visit to Butonge Primary School was very good. We were taken first to where a new water tank had been installed between two blocks of classrooms. Bob cut the ribbon with a flourish and a young girl drew the first water from the tank.
We were shown the smart new latrines funded by Quinton. It was a smart new building containing two rows of three latrines on each side, back to back, boys on one side and girls on the other, with a room on the end for washing afterwards. The block was surrounded on two sides by a wall. They appeared to be very well constructed and I am sure they will get a lot of use. They were preparing to build another identical block of latrines as a mirror image on the other side of the wall. On the side of the block was a large notice which said, “Sponsored by Quinton Church, UK.” Doug cut the ribbon to this block and the latrines were opened for use.
From there we were taken behind the block of classrooms adjacent to the road to inspect the electricity box. The connection to the main electricity supply on the Malakisi to Sirisia road outside the school and the distribution of electricity to classrooms was also funded by Quinton.
Livingstone gave us an update on all that was happening at the school and then announced his retirement. However, although no longer on the paid teaching staff of the school he remains very involved with the life of the school.”

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